Who Will be Named

“The 2019 Hookah King”?

Do you Have What it Takes to Sit on the Throne?

Enter the 2019 Hookah King Competition – and win $5,000!

To compete in the 1st multi-round Hookah Tournament that will determine the best in 2019 by putting your skills and knowledge to the “Ultimate Test - Among the BEST in Hookah”!

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Tournament Requirements:

  • Complete the form and upload a 3 minute video along with the entry fee of $50.
  • Explain in the Video:  Pack a bowl of any tobacco you prefer but mention what bowl you are using and what brand of shisha; the video must include you stating 1- What you are doing. 2- How you are doing it. 3- Why you did it that way. -  in a 3-minute video.
  • Tournament entrants will automatically be placed in a Qualifying round where only the top best official Contestants will be chosen.  You will be notified if you are among the final contestants chosen to compete at the show on Thursday • August 15th.
  • Chosen entrants must be present at the morning of the competition or they forfeit their place.  Be sure and make your room reservations at Hard Rock Hotel Casino and mention HTVA Expo to take advantage of  the discounted room rate.
  • Deadline to Enter is August 4th, 2019 by midnight, Eastern Standard Time


Sarkis Gregorian, founder of Hookah Unbiased (HU) a facebook group centered around helping enthusiasts grow and develop their skills in the world of Hookah, has helmed the way towards standardizing how we perceive hookah as a craft and hobby.  Sarkis has a lifetime of knowledge and experience as a Los Angeles hookah lounge owner and professional hookah hospitality consultant.

His insight and perception when it comes to hookah are unmatched. Paired with his signature "Objective Truth Only," this approach has allowed him to help countless people achieve better sessions.  His methods and pack density levels are used as a standard across every major hookah platform focused on teaching and learning.  Sarkis has been featured in various streams of media including flavor mixology apps and magazines and is a critical member of the Hookah Chamber, a California based organization geared towards fighting anti-hookah laws across the United States.  And now, he's brought his vast knowledge, skill and experience together to form the most significant hookah tournament in the world.

In the style of Ink MasterTM, Sarkis Gregorians’ The Hookah King is a single-elimination, multi-round tournament to pit the best in the world in this ultimate test of hookah skill, knowledge and experience.  Each round is designed specifically to challenge the competitors in ways that have never been executed before.  The winner will not only earn the official title of The Hookah King, but also go home with the grand cash prize of $5,000!

Contestants will be interviewed and their performance showcased online.  The true question is...

“Are You Ready To Heed The Call And Become the Hookah King 2019?”